Tokyo… Kawaii!

Tokyo Kawaii

Flickr Post,

      I had the opportunity to work with Matt in a photo shoot. We’re both wearing our Danni Geta Shoes from Cubura. He’s such an inspiration, it’s been a year since he’s been blogging. He is very active in the blogging community. He’s sweet and kind, and always believed in me. Congratulations to Matt for being nominated for a Bloggie! Please check out his work and go vote for him. He is the most deserving, and a great role model. Also check out his blog to see what he’s wearing. We’ll both be attending the upcoming BVN awards, I’m soo excited! I’ve felt happy just to be a part of the blogging community. I encourage everyone to get active and participate in the blogging community, it’s been a great experience. You too, can also be nominated in the next BVN Awards. I know bloggers work very hard to bring us great artwork. Visit the Blogger Vlogger Network Website for more opportunities, great events, and to learn more. We had soo much fun, lots of great things at Neo Japan Event. Check out Cubura in Neo Japan current Round.

Bloggie NominationsBlogger Vlogger NetworkMatt’s BlogMatt’s Flickr


Daniel “Left” Wearing:

Matt “Right” Wearing:

Photo Location, Tokyo Street – Landmark


Music Inspiration: Gwen Stefani – What you Waiting For Jacques Lu Cont’s TWD Mix


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